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About A & D Fabrication


A&D Fabricators is an engineering company that cover a wide range of engineering and welding services, meeting the needs of clients in a variety of business sectors.   

It is our policy to satisfy the requirements of our customers in every way that we can.   We are committed to ensuring that the quality of all the products, processes and services that we offer are of the highest quality.

Derek Callanan & Alan Thöni, Directors of A&D Fabricators

Our team is made up of highly skilled and motivated fabrication specialists. With our engineering expertise we can offer both fabrication and onsite services. We pride ourselves on delivering flexible solutions, covering bespoke design, manufacture and installation.

The combination of a friendly, professional service and the ability to meet tight delivery times has helped us to build up a large customer base and a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke steel fabrications in the Dublin region.

We continuously and rigorously review our performance with all our clients to ensure we satisfy their completion times and budgets, our factory is equipped to deal with large projects as well as smaller projects.

“Our aim is to work with our customers to further enhance our services and to provide total customer satisfaction as well as leading the way forward in producing quality components. We pride ourselves in providing quality service and delivering on time every time at competitive prices.”

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